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CDM Dialysis Center

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CDM Dialysis Center

CDM Hospital has a dialysis center. Also known as the CDM Dialysis Center & It has total 03 machines. Soon we Increase the number of Hemodialysis Machine upto 10.

Kidney dialysis via the latest Japanese and European technology machines.

Kidney dialysis is performed with respect to experienced and skilled doctors, nurse technicians.

Kidney dialysis is done 24 hours.

Healthy and non-hygienic environment which helps in enhancing the mental development of the patient.

Fully air-conditioned and automated generator that ensures up to 24 hours supply.

Depending on the needs of the patients, there is a facility of intensive observation center at the modern oats and oats.

There are 2 lifts for the patient to lift.

Kidney dialysis program is implemented with refined and refined water through the modern technology Double Plus RO Plant of America.

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24/7 service. Same-Day Appointments are Available.

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